Hi! I’m Anastasia, a watercolor artist based in Moscow, Russia. 
My main inspiration is nature and wildlife, I adore their variety, beauty, vitality, ease. 
My creative urge has to do with finding inner harmony, that’s how I find subjects for my paintings - they are moments of peaceful balance in living nature. At the same time, working on a painting for me is rather an impulsive process. Medium selection plays an extremely important role. 
When working with watercolor, I know that every brush stroke, each drop and stain are final: they can not be erased, since watercolor is permanent; they can not be covered up with a thick layer of paint, since watercolor layers are so transparent… So with this medium you can only go forward, it’s as if a painting was being «revealed» by the hands of the artist, sort of like developing a film, and that's an incredibly fascinating feeling. 
In addition, I am delighted by the ability of watercolors to create these amazing soft gradients, and how the parts of paintings that are left white and untouched give us a feeling of lightness and enchanting innuendo.
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